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Star Wars The Mandalorian Coffee Maker Set


Uncanny Brands The Mandalorian Single Cup Coffee Maker with Mug- Cup of Baby Yoda Joe

The Mandalorian Single Cup Coffee Maker with Mug goes where no coffeemaker has gone before, brewing hotter, faster and better-tasting coffee than most machines out there. And, its benefits don’t stop there. The Uncanny Brands Baby Yoda Coffeemaker utilizes the simplicity of ground coffee and brews a customizable cup quickly: an 8 oz. cup in less than 90 seconds.


Product specs

  • START YOUR MORNING LIKE A BOUNTY HUNTER- Brew your own ground Coffee with single-serve scoop filter.
  • GET YOUR JAVA IN HYPERSPEED -  Brew an 8-ounce cup in less than 90 seconds and a 14-ounce Travel mug in under 2. 5 minutes.
  • CUTE BABY YODA MUG -  12 ounce mug with the Child included.
  • EASY TO USE BREWING- Fill the basket with desired amount of coffee and the reservoir with water, turn on the coffee maker and enjoy the best coffee in any galaxy.