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About us

Uncanny Brands Appliances has a mission:

to find new ways to bring fun and fandom into everyday life. To make the ordinary (making waffles) into the extraordinary (making waffles in the shape of Bob Ross’ face).

At our core we are fanatics of pop culture

science fiction, comic books, anime, sports -- anything and everything nerdy and cool. We grew up watching these stories and hanging on our heroes’ every word. Soaking up every piece of these cultures. Nothing makes us happier than sharing our passion/fandom with our tribe…and what better thing to share than food?

What started as a way to show your pop culture passion in the kitchen, and turn collectible items into working appliances, has made food into a more fun and social experience. Stories to share along with recipes, memories made from transforming everyday food into fun. We don’t care if it’s geeky.

Experience the world from our Uncanny POV…