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Pokémon Poké Ball Popcorn Maker


Uncanny Brands Pokémon Poké Ball Popcorn Maker- Pokémon Kitchen Appliance

All Pokémon fans will love our Poké Ball Popcorn Maker. Our counter-sized version is all about good taste! The top of the Poké Ball turns the popcorn maker top into a bowl as you make fresh popcorn.


Product specs

  • POKÉ BALL POPCORN - Top cover doubles as a serving bowl; Just remove from the base and flip it over.
  • HEALTHIER CHOICE - Uses hot-air popping method so no oil required. It makes popcorn a perfect snack for the whole family.
  • EASY OPERATION - Add kernels into the main chamber using the provided measuring cup, turn on the unit and watch the magic happen through the transparent cover!
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY - Pops evenly and quickly, with up to a 98% popping rate. Unique channel ensures constant hot air to pop about as quickly as a microwave (2-3 minutes).
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Wash the removable popping chute, cup, and lid with soap and water and clean the outside of the machine with a damp cloth, if needed.
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