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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Two-Slice Toaster



Uncanny Brands Jurassic World 2-Slice Toaster- Toasts Jurassic Dinosaur Logo onto Your Toast

Attack the first meal of every day with the appetite of a T-Rex! Delight in your favorite dinosaurs with this Jurassic World two-slice toaster from Uncanny Brands. Features a full-color logo on front and burns a silhouette of the classic Jurassic World raptor on each slice.

Jurassic World Toaster Product Specs:


  • BRING THE JURASSIC WORLD INTO YOUR KITCHEN - Fun toaster featuring a large, full-color Jurassic World logo. Officially licensed by NBC Universal.
  • TOASTS THE JURASSIC WORLD LOGO ON YOUR BREAD - Get laughs as a hungry raptor pops up on your toast. Adjustable dial for darker/lighter toast.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE - Housing is made of easy-to-clean polypropylene plastic, interior plates are stamped aluminum.
  • LOOKS GREAT ON YOUR COUNTERTOP - A perfect conversation starter, and sure to be noticed!
  • FOR THE ULTIMATE JURASSIC WORLD FAN - Get one for the Jurassic World or dinosaur enthusiast in your life.


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